Woman, Writer, Eater, Comic, Fighter, Addict, Lover, Anarchist, Baker, Accidental Pornstar, Atheist, Clown Fetishist, Artist, Drinker, Whiskey…neat.


Lisa Curtis is a terrible person. Having worked every job from teacher’s assistant to phone sex operator and voice of an escort service, it’s a small wonder she’s the only one in her family without a criminal record.

Fueled by whiskey, cheeseburgers and raging hormones, she’s worked every shitty comedy room that no one else wanted to work from British Columbia to Los Angeles (we don’t talk about that one time in Idaho).

Winner of multiple irrelevant comedy contests, a bourbon-soaked guest on numerous radio shows, and lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time so that she could perform alongside Robin Williams, Lisa Curtis is widely known as a legitimately funny writer and “recovering performer” – except for by her closest friends who know that everything she’s saying on stage is based on reality and wish she would just shut up about it.